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Welcome to California Post Adoption Search!

As a Public Records Researcher, I specialize in reuniting families seperated by adoption.
I am a reunited adoptee and have helped hundreds of others reunite over the years.

For now, I cannot do "full" searches, but I do have access to California birth records and can match an amended birth index with an original birth index to find out what the birth parents' last names were (maiden for the birth mother). In reverse, I can also find out what adoptive parents changed a childs name to and what their last names were (maiden for the adoptive mother).

My fee's vary depending on the date of birth of the adoptee.  And, the adoptee must have been born in California in order for me to find the information you need.
If you would like to have a birth index lookup done to find out the amended name of an adoptee or the last names of birth parents, please go here.








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